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Unleash a New Dimension of Fun for Your Team

Are you tired of the same old staff parties? Elevate your team's bonding experience with an unforgettable adventure in a world of virtual reality. At Arcadia Virtual Reality Lounge, we offer an exclusive staff party package that promises thrills, laughter, and memories your team will cherish.

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Package highlights


Rent out our entire state-of-the-art facility for a minimum of 2 hours.

Virtual Reality Booths

Enjoy 7 standard VR booths with a vast library of games and experiences suitable for all skill levels.

Hyper Reality Arena

Challenge your colleagues in our hyper reality arena, designed for 3 players at a time. Dive into captivating, immersive experiences that will leave you in awe.

Cyber Punk Themed Bar

Relax and socialize in our cyberpunk-themed bar area. Enjoy a selection of cocktails, mocktails, and refreshments.

Themed Cityscape Faux Outdoor Patio

Enjoy your pizza and beverages on our faux outdoor patio with stunning cityscape views. Perfect for a change of scenery and group photos.

Party Patio

Get a breath of fresh air, play some foosball, and relax on our patio furniture in our enclosed Party Patio.


more than vr

Pizza in the Cyber Punk Bar

Indulge in a delectable array of handcrafted pizzas at our cyberpunk-themed bar. Our culinary experts have designed a menu inspired by the futuristic, edgy vibes of the cyberpunk genre. Savor each bite of our artisanal pizzas while you sip on your favorite drinks. The perfect fuel for your virtual reality adventures!

Board and Card Games on the Patio

Take a break from the digital world and enjoy classic board and card games on our cityscape outdoor (but really indoor) patio. We provide a range of games suitable for all ages and skill levels, so everyone can join in the fun. Whether you prefer strategy, teamwork, or friendly competition, our patio is the ideal setting for an enjoyable gaming session under the open sky.  We do also have an outdoor, semi-heated patio available to your team to use for those who want a bit of fresh air. 

Why choose arcadia vr lounge?

Our exclusive staff party package is the perfect fit for companies with up to approximately 35 staff. We understand the value of creating an intimate setting for your team to connect, have fun, and make lasting memories.

Unmatched Entertainment:

We offer cutting-edge technology and a wide variety of experiences to keep your team engaged.

Fully Customizable:

Tailor your party with the games and experiences of your choice.

Safety First:

Our equipment is sanitized and maintained to the highest standards for a safe and worry-free experience.

Dedicated Event Host:

A friendly event host will assist you throughout your party, ensuring everyone has a blast.

Memorable Team Building:

Strengthen bonds, communication, and teamwork while having a fantastic time together.


Our exclusive staff party package is priced at $500 for the first hour, $300 for any additional hours (2-hour minimum rental).  


This package rents out our entire facility, closing off completely to the public, and is suitable for group sizes between 10 – 35 people. 

Have staff of less than 10?  No problem!  We have party packages to fit every size and budget.  Please inquire for our Standard Party Package.

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Staff Party sitting at table at Arcadia VR Lounge Kelowna
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